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10. Sounding Board – Wedding planners have access to a wide variety of resources to help create your unique and unforgettable wedding. They take YOUR vision, thoughts, and ideas to help make your fairytale wedding come true by using their expertise and experience.

9. The Big Picture – Normally when you have chosen a venue for your wedding, you are provided by the venue with a “wedding coordinator”. Please do not confuse the wedding coordinator with a wedding planning. The coordinators job is very limited and is there to look out for the best interest of the venue, NOT you. While they are very helpful, but they do not cover the scope of what an independent wedding planner will do for you.

8. Budgeting – Given that wedding planners’ experience in the field, that also means they have experience with the wedding budget. They have knowledge on the value of what’s the fair price to pay when it comes to the different aspects of your wedding. They can help you navigate the often confusing waters of the wedding industry price tags and balance your budget around YOUR priorities.

7. Enjoyable process – After observing so many brides planning their big day without the help of a professional wedding planner, I’ve come to realize that all these brides do not even end of enjoying their own wedding. Planning the wedding is a very stressful and exhausting process. When the bride’s focus is on planning the wedding alone, they become drained and forget the most important aspect of the wedding. By the time their wedding day comes, all they want is for it to be over with. A wedding planner is there to help you reduce the stress and guide you to enjoy your unforgettable journey.

6. Mediator – A good wedding planner serves as a buffer in tricky and challenging relational situations. We all know by now that it is impossible to satisfy everybody. The wedding planner is a safe and neutral person to point to for direction and guidance. It’s perfect timing to use your wedding planner when you have a discrepancy or even a disagreement. For example, “My wedding planner thinks we need to…” instead of “I think we should…”

5. Timeline – To create your perfect wedding, you will be using many different vendors; in which they will have to work together to create a perfect schedule to make everything run smoothly. The aspect of teamwork comes into play during this part of your wedding. Your wedding planner understands how each vendor relies on the others and need to work as a team to follow the strict timeline of your wedding. Your wedding planner is here to help you direct the traffic of the different vendors and make sure everything goes according to plan.

4. Knowledge Base – This is likely your first time planning a wedding. With a wedding big or small, wedding planners have been in the industry long enough and have become experts in protocol etiquette and everything it takes to pull off an event of any magnitude. They are a HUGE and readily accessible resource of knowledge for you.

3. Background –In addition to possessing a wealth of knowledge, planners have been in the industry long enough to know who the players are -- which vendors can be trusted and who has the best business practices. A referral from someone who has roots in the industry is GOLD when you're having to place such a high level of trust in those you previously had no knowledge of.

2. Saving Money – Wedding planners have built a strong relationship with a wide variety of vendors for you. This experience and expertise can help guide you to planning your perfect wedding while paying a great price.

1. Stress – Many of you underestimate the amount of stress when it comes to planning your own wedding. The difference in the stress level of a bride who has a professional planer to one who does not is palpable. When it comes to your big day, do not forget that the most important thing is that YOU should be relaxed and having fun with your loved ones. YOU are the bride. The last thing you want is to end up being the point person for issues and questions that will inevitably arise. Having a planner by your side frees you and your wedding party from that stress, which will allow YOU to live YOUR moment in your wedding.
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